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Psalm 63:7, NKJV: Because You have been my help, therefore in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice.

We often sing a song that says, “If the devil can’t steal my joy, he can’t steal my blessing.” The devil may not be able to steal your joy, but you can lose your joy. I’ve been there. For a believer whose personality and makeup are usually joyful that can be a frightening moment. 

What I found out when my joy could not be found was that I still had the ability to praise. Praise was a choice I could make when joy was nowhere in sight. Praising by faith can and will restore your joy. If it seems to diminish again, don’t lose hope and give up. Treat it the same way you do the other fruit of the Spirit. 

I don’t know all the reasons why a person can suddenly lose his joy, but I do know how to get it back. Choose to rejoice. Follow hard after praise. It’s easy when this comes naturally, with little or no effort. Never allow the feeling of not wanting to rejoice stop you. It’s not about flesh or feeling. It is a choice you make. 

How badly do you want your joy back? There may be times you will have to contend for it. I can tell you this; if you have ever lost it and you get it back, you’ll never take it for granted again. You’ll have greater respect and appreciation for it. Trust me, nothing else matters when you are void of His joy. 

Drop everything today and ask God to show you how to get in the “shadow of His wings.” Then, start rejoicing. If Peter’s shadow could provide healings for the infirm, how much more will the wings of the Almighty hover over you to offer you a chance just to rejoice. It is in the rejoicing by faith that your joy will be restored. Never lose your praise. 

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